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My financial plan

Before you start

In order to develop your financial plan, you will be asked a number of questions. By answering them, you will gradually generate a real financial plan with a balance sheet and forecast results, amortisation tables, cash flow forecasts, etc.

You do not need any financial skills to do this. All you need are credible figures (sales forecasts, overheads, remuneration, loans, etc.). The system will take care of generating a true and proper financial plan1 in Excel format.

If afterwards, you prefer to work directly in Excel, the first tab will provide you with key explanations as to how it works. Of course, you will have to continue your work in the Excel workbook because the changes made will not be reflected online.

If you leave the system before everything is completed, the data is saved and you can return to view and edit it at any time.

The program's pop-ups and links will also provide you with more information on some of the topics covered.

1This financial plan template is the result of a collaboration between 1819.brussels and finance.brussels (S.R.I.B. group)

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